Restarting lessons

Please read this *very carefully*

Booking system will initially open with limited spaces offering lessons from 26th April to the end of May.

If lockdown rules change then any booked lessons will need to be moved.

I may be able to offer extra lessons that won’t show on the booking system, this will depend on childcare. I’d send text messages to the group offering these up. If that lesson doesn’t suit you – just ignore the texts. If you want any lessons offered then just reply, if you’re successful you’ll get a confirmation text back. If you don’t hear back then it went to someone else.

As before, 48 hours notice for cancellations will be required or fees will be charged and no lessons can go ahead if you have any covid symptoms or a high temperature is shown on the gun.

We have extra work to do between lessons in regards to cleaning and note taking so please understand there may be times where your instructor will arrive shortly after your booked time. If this is the case then time will be added on at the end so you don’t lose out.

You may receive messages asking if it’s possible to slightly re-arrange your lesson to help fit other people in, don’t worry if this won’t be possible. 

I have taken on other instructors offering both manual and automatic lessons so if you’re struggling to get booked in with me just give me a text and we can discuss the possibility of getting lessons with one of them either instead of or as well as with me.

The booking system will go live on Wednesday 31st March @ 8am. The link to book your lessons is the same as it was before;


Looking forward to seeing you all soon!

Your Pass Team