Please read this very carefully and reply by text confirming you understand and will adhere to the changes. If you decide you no longer want to take lessons with me then please let me know so I can remove you from my list.

**Once you have done this you will be given the link for the new booking system**


  1. Pricing – Lesson prices have stayed the same for the last three years so to bring them in line with other driving schools we are increasing 60 minute lessons to £32. There will be no change to 90 minute lessons at £50 and test day ‘lesson before and car hire’ will remain unchanged at £70.
  2. Payments – You will now be able to have ‘an account’ with your instructor. This means you can send any payment you like via bank transfer and that balance will be used for any lessons you have. This will reduce the need for cash handovers although this will still be an option. If you don’t have the correct change, for example your lesson is £32 and you only have £40 then £8 credit will be added to your account. It will not be possible to pay £30 and say you’ll pay £2 extra next time – full payment instructions
  3. Cancellations – If you haven’t cancelled a lesson (with at least 48 hours notice, using the link on the email you get when you booked that lesson) and you don’t attend then the fee will be £25. This will be taken from your account if you have one or it must be paid via bank transfer by the time the lesson was booked for. If you fail to do this then it’s likely you will be removed from the group and you’ll need to find another instructor. We have far too many clients to fit in to tolerate people missing their slots without paying the fee – other people miss out on slots this way.
  4. Booking System – There will now be just one link for the booking system rather than having a separate one for 60 and 90 minute lessons. The opening page will ask which type of lessons you want to browse. You can mix and match and swap at any time. We should be able to start back 24th August – per Government guidelines although this is subject to change. You will all be advised when the booking system will open for taking bookings so everyone has the same chance of logging on and getting what they like. There will be a phased return to full capacity so spaces may be limited initially and granted first come, first served.
  5. Availability – I have taken on Jamie West who will be doing manual driving lessons and very soon I will have Jamie Mitchell starting who will be doing automatic lessons, this will give anyone the choice of staying with me, or you could browse their booking systems to see if their availability would suit you better.
  6. Covid-19 – As all companies have had to do, there will be strict safety processes put in place. The car controls and door surfaces will be wiped clean before and after each lesson. This will be done by your instructor. Face masks will need to be worn in the car (medical exemptions excluded), you must bring your own. Gloves are not advised. Hand sanitiser will be provided, please use this before entering the car. Government advice is to have the initial briefing outside the car – mainly what happened on last lesson and what the plan for that day’s lesson will be. Same for chatting at the end about future lesson plans. Windows will be kept open weather permitting and the recycled air function won’t be used unless absolutely necessary. It  will be possible to pause for a minute or two during the lesson to park up, exit the car and get some air without the mask.
  7. Timings – Instructors now have more work to do between lessons in regards to cleaning and note taking so please understand there may be times where your instructor will arrive shortly after your booked time. If this is the case then time will be added on at the end so you don’t lose out.
  8. Feeling unwell – If you suspect you are feeling poorly, Covid-19 symptoms or other conditions which may be passed on (cold, sore throat etc) please *do not attend your lesson*,  inform your instructor in plenty of time and rescheduling arrangements can be made. If you show signs of this in the car the lesson may be terminated and charged at full price.