Please read this *very carefully*

We will be making some changes to the pricing of our lessons to reflect the rise in insurance, fuel and energy costs. Petrol, diesel, gas and electricity all play a part in how our business is run and how our instructors make a living. The driving training sector across the board is seriously affected and increases in lesson costs will unfortunately be common place within our industry.

We have added shorter lesson types as we’ve had some requests for this, ie theory / show me tell me lessons – these are available immediately.

30 minute lessons – £20

45 minute lessons – £30

60 minute lessons – £40

90 minute lessons – £57

120 minute lesson – £75

Cancelling a lesson with less than 48 hours notice – £30

Test day (1 hour lesson before test, test itself then drop off after) – £100 more details here

New prices start 1st May 2022 for Gary’s learners, other instructors will be from 1st April 2022.