You can pay for your lessons by cash, card or by bank transfer. Please advise your instructor at the beginning of the lesson how you wish to make payment.

Cash payments ✅ 

Card payments – If you are unable to pay by cash or bank transfer then payment can be made in the car by credit or debit card, this includes contactless payments, Apple Pay and Android Pay if your watch or phone supports this.

Bank Transfer – You can have ‘an account’ with your instructor. This means you can send any payments to your account at any point and that balance will be used for any lessons you have. Please note, if you wish to pay as you go via bank transfer then this must be sent before your lesson begins.

Bank Details – You can use these details to set up regular or one off payments.

Payee Name: Gary Russell

Account Type: Business

Sort Code: 04-00-04

Account number: 20379843

Reference: YOUR NAME