“Would recommend gary 100%, he was calm and patient, never made me feel uncomfortable, and helped me a ton on learning from my mistakes. He even took time on his days off to come out and give me extra lessons before my test, amazing guy, wouldnt have gone anywhere else. …. “

Keirin Safdar

“Great booking system means you can book online from the comfort of home using a simple link in blocks or one at a time to suit your work life balance. Gary is so patient and relaxed you can’t help but be relaxed too. The way he teaches and his feedback style made learning simple easy and a pleasure.”

Lisa Jayne

“Gary is definitely the best driving instructor out there. He managed to build my confidence up so high and made me feel like I was making lots of progress on every lesson. I would highly recommend Gary!”

Holly Irvin

“Gary is a hidden gem, he is patient, caring and takes great pride in his work. He is great with people and gets the best out of you and reads you’re progess very well. If it wasnt for Gary I would never have passed…. Thank you Gary, would highly recommend”

Chris McCall

“Gary is the best there is, after having bad experiences with previous instructors i was quite scared about driving again but there was no need to be. Gary has a way of talking to you and calming your nerves without you even knowing he’s doing it. The videos he puts up on his website are very helpful and no doubt helped me pass my test so if you are a student of his get watching they will help you. I had only been taking lessons with Gary for 6 weeks before passing my test so if that doesn’t tell you how good he is nothing will. cheers Gary”

Nicaela Wilson

“Thank you Gary!!! As a lady in her mid-30s returning to driving school was very daunting and I was pretty nervous. However Gary’s professionalism, experience, good humour and counsel made the experience really good fun and a joy! I am now a confident, safe driver and all thanks to Gary! Thank you again!”

Natalie Stoner

“If you want to enjoy your driving lessons, and pass first time then Gary is the instructor for you!!!”

Dominik Kwela

“Passed my test yesterday thanks to Gary. Really sound instructor he’s really easy to get on with and makes you feel comfortable. Would highly recommend him to everyone :)”

Stephen Cullen

“Thank you Gary, you are an amazing instructor, I am glad I found Your Pass on Google! You made learning to drive again fun, and I will always have you in my head saying don’t panic, mirrors mirrors mirrors and watch that speed! I would highly recommend you to anyone”

Helen Stark

“Thank you so much to Gary. An amazing instructor, and such a lovely person. He is easy to get on with, and have lots of laughs with. I was struggling with my confidence when driving before having lessons with Gary, and after my first lesson with him, I felt so much more capable. He makes you feel at ease, and doesn’t make you worried or nervous if you make a mistake. He’ll simply talk you through what went wrong, and help you fix it in a way that is easy to understand. If you had told me I’d pass first time, before starting lessons with Gary, I’d never have believed it, but here we are! I highly recommend taking lessons with Your Pass Driving School! 😊”

Rachel Irvin

“Finally found a really good instructor who managed to tame my speeding lol. Got me through my test after 10yrs on and off with loads of different instructors 🙂 amazing guy and great banter. Highly recommended”

Nicola Dowie

“I am so lucky to have found and chosen Your Pass for my intense driving course. Gary managed to get me to pass in such a small amount of time and made a driver out of me, for which I cannot be more grateful! He is understanding and patient, he will also explain everything as many times as needed and will make sure you know your mistakes and get you to find your way of fixing them. I cannot recommend him and the intense course more. The guy will get you to a pass standard, as long as you’re willing to listen and take in everything and obviously work with him. I could not have asked for a better instructor (so much banter as well, it will not be a boring experience, that’s for sure). Thank you to him once again and to anyone wondering, Your Pass is definitely the way to go!”

Simona C

“110% recommend Gary at your pass, he honestly is the best and got me through my test 1st attempt 😁 couldn’t be happier with him as an instructor”

Laura Allan

“So glad I picked Your Pass Driving School to learn to drive. Gary was a brilliant instructor who was always patient, encouraging, and easy to get along with.I was taught everything I could possibly need to know about driving and managed to pass first time. 5-star driving instructor, couldn’t have asked for better. Would 100% recommend to anyone.”

Helana Forrest

“Brilliant driving instructor would recommend your pass, cheers Gary l!”

Brad McCormack

“Would recommend. Much more comfortable experience than with other instructors I’ve used.”

Tony Duffy

“Gary was an excellent instructor and after struggling with a few previous instructors I gained a lot of confidence from Gary. His training methods make things simple and relaxed. I found his parallel parking method really helpful which I had struggled with previously. Gary keeps things relaxed and chatty during lessons and really helped take the pressure off in the run up to the test. Having had experienced with various instructors I couldn’t recommend Gary more, especially if you have found lessons to be stressful. Thanks for all your help Gary.”

Michael Tovey

“Really couldn’t have asked for a better driving instructor! Gary really helped to build my confidence after a bad experience with another driving school. He listened to my needs and responded by tailoring his teaching style to me. Laid back approach and a calming influence behind the wheel. His videos were really helpful, particularly the show me tell me revision questions. Really easy guy to get along with and puts you at ease with some great banter! 10/10 would recommend.”

Lauren McMinn

“I would highly recommend that anyone who wants to learn how to drive gets in touch with Gary at Your Pass. – he rocks! I never wanted to drive, but after I had children I felt I needed to. From the first lesson Gary put me at ease with his friendly but professional manner. Everything he says makes sense and he is patient and encouraging all the way. I actually enjoy driving now and its all down to him. I truly believe I wouldn’t have passed my test without Gary’s help. Five stars!”

Emma Mackie

“I booked gary for an intensive course after a recommendation to one of my family members. After 5 days I PASSED with zero faults. I think this says a lot about how fantastic an instructor Gary is. He was patient, kind and thorough the full five days. I felt confident and this was largely due to his positive teaching style and realistic views! THANK YOU GARY!!!!”

Rocco Smith

“Found Gary’s driving school online, was very quick to get back in touch. Was a brilliant instructor and made driving fun! Managed to pass first time as well”

Kathryn Smith

“I came to Gary for help since driving manual made me too nervous and I had an unpleasant experience with a previous instructor and I couldn’t have found any one better to learn with! , Really professional yet down to earth , Could always have an easy conversation and ask anything I needed help with , He is very patient and has the best advice/feedback ! I will definitely be recommending Gary to my friends and family where you are grunted to learn at a pleasant pace and still have fun whilst doing so !”

Conni Miller

“Gary is an awesome guy and patient instructor. Really thankful for all his help getting me through my test :)”

Keiran Spence

“Hurray i passed. Thank you so much Gary. Gary is the best instructor you can get. Dont hesitate just book your lessons with Yourpass…Guaranteed you will pass if you work with Gary. Patient and pleasant guy. He never gets upset or frustrated..very encouraging even when you think you have done badly. He knows the routes well and guess what the VIDEOS cover every route in the tests. My good friend passed when she started lessons with Gary after failing with a previous instructor. I will recommend your pass anyday anytime.”

Harriet Adeleke

“Couldn’t have asked for a better instructor than Gary. He is always so encouraging and made me become so much more confident. He is very patient and never once got annoyed when I got things wrong, especially those reverse around the corners, and always helped me with how I could put things right next time. He always made me feel at ease on my Lessons. Always had a great laugh and we never stopped talking! Best instructor by far, would definitely recommend Gary for anyone starting lessons or looking for a change of instructor!!”

Rebecca Fowler

“From my experience , I would advise anyone looking for an instructor to contact Gary. I have been with a previous instructor who I felt didn’t help or encouraged me to achieve what I know I could do; he once told me ” I WILL NOT BE READY TO TAKE MY TEST ANYTIME SOON ” after driving around (same locations all the time) for 5 months or so .

I immediately said HELL NO ! and messaged Gary after reading good reviews online . BOOM! Gary told me YES it is possible sandy and I will help you to pass . It was not easy but Gary kept encouraging me , giving me constructive criticism, made me feel relaxed and determined .

Had a few lessons with Gary , test day arrived and again he made me feel confident and told me that I’m ready, I can do this. GUESS WHAT!! I PASSED MY TEST TODAY ALL BECAUSE OF GARY’S PATIENCE ND ENCOURAGEMENT.

thanks Gary.x”

Sandy Ness

“Gary is an amazing instructor! Extremely patient and concise, he really explores what areas you’re having trouble with and finds solutions and teaching mechanisms that suit you. He always found a way to pick me up on my off days and not once did he have an off day himself. Always so encouraging, uplifting and a good laugh. There’s sometimes a little bit of a wait to book your first lesson but it’s definitely worth the wait :)”

Becca Creighton

“Gary is a great instructor and a great person, would recommend him to anyone”

Karen Rojelio

“Thanks Gary, getting a no fault pass was a huge result!”

Tom Bishop

“Passed my test all thanks to Gary, couldn’t have done it without him. The thought of driving used to terrify me, but Gary made me relax, feel comfortable and pushed me to believe in myself. He is so patient, and passionate about what he does. Thank you and continued good luck to your excellent driving school.”

Toma Cicene

“Cannot recommend Your Pass enough. From start to finish Gary was incredible. My confidence has improved massively & I cannot thank Gary enough for his patience, advice & general teaching ability. Gary doesn’t tell you what to do, he teaches you what to do which is vital. As a result of this, I went on to pass my test today first time with only 1 minor fault. I highly recommend Your Pass to everybody. Once again, thanks very much Gary!”

Liam Safdar

“Highly recommend ‘Your Pass’. Having Gary as an instructor was a blessing. He is so patient and he not only gave me the confidence to drive but courage to get my license. After 3 failed attempts ..purely down to my nervousness and silly mistakes.. he never gave up on me ..he made me believe I could do it…. and I did. I love driving. Thank you Your Pass. Thank you Gary. “

Maggi Miller

“After 5 previous driving instructors and sitting my driving test 3 times all in a manual car i decided to give automatic driving a go. After much thought and speculation I thought well i have nothion to loss! Yes! it was abit of a gambel as i had spent ALOT!! of money on previous leassons with other instructors but one that very much payed off!

Now I dont know if i just got lucky in finding a excellent instructor or if it was due to the fact that I found Automatic driving so much better suited to myself but i think the reasson that I passed the Automatic test first time was down to HOW!! I was taught. Gary is by far the best instructor I have had. His teaching skils are spot on! He is very relaxed there is no presure put on you as the student. Even when you make a mistake or a bit of a hick up its all a learning curv when you are in the car with gary. Iv never had someone teach me manuvers the way gary did. He really does simplify everything down so that they are really easy to learn.

I am currently in the proccess of saving for a car. Yes automatic cars are more exspensive but if you really want!! to drive or need to.. and given you have the opportunity and the money to save for a car… I would highty recomend automatic driving for what ever your reasson may be. Mine being the due to the fact I have dyslexia and i cant proccess imformation at the same speed as a non dyslexic person. People will say manual is how u should learn! Dont listen to other people do what is right for you!”

Lucy McArthur

“No one like your pass…..

I cannot recommend Gary enough….He’s a fantastic driving instructor and I wouldn’t have passed without him. He ‘teaches” you how to drive he doesn’t “tell” you! He’s worth every penny and more.

I would never have paws without him!!”

Lauren Jack

“I never thought I would ever get my driving license till I started to learn with Your Pass. I had previously been driving a manual and it had been going nowhere and my confidence in my driving ability had really dropped. Gary is qualified and is really clear on his delivery whilst teaching he also has a laugh with you, which makes lessons enjoyable. Would recommend to anyone who wants to pass their driving test and when they have passed they feel they’re a skilled driver.”

Jamie H

“Fantastic instructor, highly recommended 👍👍👍👍👍”

Valerie Boyd

“Gary was (and is) an amazing instructor. I cannot fault his methods one bit. He taught me in my own car which was also fantastic. I do not think that i would have passed yesterday if it wasn’t for gary. Thank you mate!”

Michael Yates

“I still can’t believe I passed first time with only 3 minors, I couldn’t have done it without Gary’s help! He is so easy-going and always helped as best he could when I just COULD NOT get the reverse corner right! Patience of a saint!!! x”

Sam Schulz

“Gary was my third driving instructor, and the first to actually give me confidence in my abilities. With Gary’s motivation I managed to pass my test first time and a lot sooner than I’d thought. Now I get to drive around in my dream car every day. Gary is the best instructor ever, thank you so much! couldn’t recommend him highly enough”

Katie Strachan

“I can’t thank gary enough for being such a incredible driving instructor he is so patient,clear to understand .when I messed up he always encouraged me and made me feel at ease .he is really gentle in his approach he is so helpful he goes above and beyond to help .I’ve had several driving instructors and I have to say gary is by far the best service in Fife actually I’d say Scotland.i recommend him 100 %. One main concern I had was having a male instructor I’d have to say gary made me feel so comfortable. I’m so pleased I found your pass Thank you for believing in me and helping me pass my test”

Esther Grace

“Due to being rubbish in a manual car I took lessons with Gary! He was super calm and relaxed even after I told him all the crazy stuff I don’t on manual lessons! After only a few months with him I passed! Can’t thank him enough!! Would extremely highly recommend.”

Lisa Hamilton

“I had 4 driving instructors before I started with Gary. I didn’t get on with the other instructors or they way in which they taught. Gary was patient, friendly, easy to talk to and put me at ease straight away. Without Gary I am positive I would still be jumping between instructors and getting nowhere. I honestly cannot thank Gary enough 🙂 xx”

Stephanie Kenny

“Gary is a great driving instructor – would highly recommend him to anyone”

Fiona Bohler

“Just passed my test first time so a great big thank you to gary for being an amazing instructor. Very patient and gives honest feedback after each lesson. I would definitely recommend your pass to anyone. Thankyou again gary”

Evaline Mcrobbie

“I passed my test with instructor Gary in the automatic car. Gary was a fantastic instructor and I’d highly recommended him. He was patient and took the time to make sure I understood everything. A year ago I was scared to even get in a car, and now I’ve passed and am confident in my own ability. It’s all thanks to Gary and Your Pass!”

Sam Litherland

“Great driving instructor makes everything alot easier and better to understand best instuctour iv had by far defo recommend “

Arlene Foster

“I had an amazing experience learning to drive with Derek. He was very good at explaining things and I felt I had a good understanding of all areas of driving. He was very helpful talking me through manoeuvres and he always let me know things I was doing well and areas I needed to improve. He was very relaxed and he is very funny so it was a joy to learn with him. I would recommend him to anyone. Massive thanks to Derek for putting up with me, I couldn’t have asked for a better instructor!”

Gail Croft

“A HUGE thank you to Gary for being the best instructor I could have ever asked/wished for, he was patient, caring, honest and made each lesson fun 🙂 Gary was my 3rd instructor and he was by far the best & I so wished I had went with him in the beginning.

He had an understanding of my needs which helped me learn & that in turn gave me so much more confidence to drive efficiently. I couldn’t have passed my test without his guidance/support.

I would most definitely recommend Your Pass for anyone looking to start driving, especially Gary – you won’t regret it. Thanks again; keep in touch.”

Suzie Steenkamp

“I have thoroughly enjoyed every lesson I have had with Derek. At the very beginning, I was nervous, but started to grow out of it. I did have my good times and down periods which some hit me. But that, overtime made me realise, I would get to the stage of being a consistent driver which did happen. Look where I am now. Passed my test first time, which I’m still so proud of achieving. That is all because of Derek. He was patient, and worked with me to get to the stage where I am just now. He would go over things in detail and tell me why I had done things wrong which was excellent. Also putting in the extra hours, paid off! Anyone who wants to learn to drive manually, I’ll be sure to recommend Derek. Also recommend Your Pass as a whole. He’ll get them to where they need to be. All my thanks goes to Derek!”

Stephen Campbell

“I would highly recommend Gary, very patient and put me at ease every lesson. He made driving lessons enjoyable. Also very honest! I never ever wanted to drive and now i enjoy it! Thank you for everything you done and for your patience with me.”

Toni Kescher

“After having to transfer instructor I was highly advised to start taking lessons with Your Pass Driving School and the reviews were excellent. That’s when I decided to approach the company and I met Gary. He made the transition between instructors and car very smooth. His laid back attitude meant that I learned to relax while driving and this gave me the confidence of knowing I could pass my test. With the advice I received, the feedback I got and the learning I did it is an understatement to say that Gary is good. He is an amazing instructor!! So I highly recommend learning with Your Pass Driving School!!! The other reviews and success stories speak for themselves so 5 stars is a definate!! Thanks again Gary for helping me not only pass my test but teaching me to be a safe and confident driver!!”

Corey Pirie

“Gary is an amazing driving instructor, I struggled with a manual car so decided to go to an automatic car garry was so patient I enjoyed every driving lesson with him. He’s such a good laugh as well, and makes everything seem possible, would highly recommend garry and your pass thanks again for everything louise”

Louise Samson

“After failing my test twice, I felt that I needed extra lessons with a reliable driving instructor. Your pass was recommended to us and it was the best decision to go with them. I had Gary, who made the lessons feel very relax, he was making jokes and gave great advise! After only have two lessons with Gary I felt very confident and prepared and I do think because of my lessons with him is the reason I passed with no minors what so ever! I have already remeomended your pass to friends! Thank you Gary! (I won’t need binoculars anymore)”

Cecillia Nunn

“Fantastic driving school! Patient and understanding instructors – couldn’t have had a better experience with them. Look no further than Your Pass 🙂 “

Emilie Fraser

“Outstanding! Do not consider any other driving school you will not get any better than your pass! I was a nervous learner with no confidence without Gary’s patience, support and proffesional attitude I would never have achieved my license. “

Haley Mackay

“Thank you for all your advice, you are the best Instructor!!!!!! , I will always recommend Your Pass Driving School to everyone who needs help in Driving! “

Safia Clough

“I would highly recommend Gary at Your Pass. I have had a couple of previous instructors and Gary put me most at ease. I never really enjoyed driving until I started with Your Pass, and it wasn’t long until I passed my test. I can’t thank Gary enough. “

Stephen Alexander

“I came to Gary as a nervous wreck in the car who couldn’t even reverse around a corner without ending up on the other side of the road! And now that manoeuvre is my favourite one to do.. I think that in itself is a great example of how good he is at his job! He is patient and has the perfect balance between knowing when to have a laugh and when to be serious. As a person who has a very short attention span this is the perfect combination for me! I highly recommend Gary to anyone who needs driving lessons!”

Katerina Charalambous

“I would recommend learning to drive with Gary to anyone! Infact, I have already been passing his name around as I am so happy with how my lessons are progressing. Having undertaken lessons from 2 different instructors in the past and felt too nervous to carry on, Gary has shown me that learning to drive can be fun. His calm, patient and easy going manner has resulted in me feeling confident and positive that I will get there in the end. He helps me progress at a speed I am comfortable with and explains things in ways I can understand, using simple instructions, examples and even using apps on his ipad. Looking forward to my next lessons :)”

Grace Taylor

“I would highly recommend Your Pass, and in particular Gary if you’re wanting to learn to drive. Being a more mature student it was pretty nerve wracking to decide to take the plunge. Gary has been incredibly patient, always encouraging and a great communicator (particularly his chat 🙂 ). What impresses me the most is that he never forgets what it is like to be a learner and does everything he can to help you ‘get it’, from his instructional videos on the website to finding different ways to explain things that work for you, cos we all know everyone learns differently. Thanks Gary (5 big fat stars from me)”

Nicky Stott

“I passed my test with Your Pass Driving School first time with only 2 minors. Thank you very much Gary, much appreciated x”

Donna Porteous

Manual and Automatic Driving Lessons in Dunfermline and surrounding areas.