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What is the Pass Plus course?

This is a short training course designed for new drivers to help build skills and boost confidence after passing the driving test.

There is no test to sit, it’s simply post test training and a certificate will be given upon completion earning you a recognised driving qualification.

It’s most beneficial for new drivers but anyone with a full driving licence can take this course, the first year after passing the driving test is the most common.

You can choose any driving instructor (it doesn’t need to be the one that helped you pass the test) but they must be a fully qualified, DVSA approved and Pass Pass registered.

Ideally the course would be carried out in your own car so your instructor can assess your skills however if you don’t have one you can use your instructors car.

What is covered on a Pass Plus course?

There are six parts to the course;

1. Town driving

The most common type of driving, this will look at at advanced urban junctions, crossroads, spiral roundabouts, observations, judgments, awareness, consideration for vulnerable road users, spatial awareness and clearance to others, typical features of urban roads.

2. All-weather driving

Driving in extreme weather conditions can be very challenging. This module explores how to deal with all the scenarios you will come across as a driver. Snow, ice, heavy rain, flooding, fog, bright sun. The causes and preventions of skidding. Discussion on how stopping distances can vary in all types of conditions. The correct use of your lights; side lights, dipped lights, full beam, fog lights.

3. Driving on rural roads

This module will have you driving on country roads, looking at what you can expect and how to safely deal with these challenges. Overtaking, cyclists, tractors, bends, safe passing places, how to make progress and correct position for normal driving within these types of roads.

4. Night driving

Most instructors don’t do evening lessons so you may never have driven in the dark with someone their to guid you. This module will help you understand the challenges that come with driving in low light conditions, correct use of lights, how to deal with oncoming cars with their high beam lights on.

5. Driving on dual carriageways

You may have done some driving on these faster roads before your test. This module is designed to test your skills with joining / turning / leaving / overtaking. Use of slip roads, identifying and understanding the road signs, the importance of choosing the correct speeds, judging other road users speed, maintaining safe following distances from others.

6. Driving on motorways

This may have been shown to you before your test but this section will help you with all the important aspects detailed in section 5 above with the additional requirements of motorways being covered such as motorway rules, signs and etiquette. How to deal with breakdowns, correct use of the hard shoulder and emergency scenarios.

How is the course structured?

Most of the course is practical driving experience. For the weather and night time modules there may be more theory style discussions.

The six modules can be covered anyway that would suit both you and your chosen instructor;

Six sessions; 1 hour each

Four sessions; 1.5 hours each

Three sessions; 2 hours each

Two sessions; 3 hours each

One session; 6 hours

How much does the Pass Plus course cost and is it worth it?

The cost for the whole course is £300. This can be paid upfront or per session as you go. The main goal is to help build your skills, confidence, knowledge and ability on the roads as a new driver. If you’d like to build your confidence on just one of the modules then ask your instructor, they can help focus more on this. There are some insurance companies that will offer a discount on your policy if you tell them you have completed the course. This question will be asked every year when your renewal comes around.

How to enquire about the Pass Plus course?

Simply enter your details below and one of our instructors will get back to you as soon as possible.