This blog explains the safety measures we have in place to ensure the safety of our learners and our driving instructors.

  • Reminders are being sent the day before a booked lesson asking the learner to inform the instructor if they have any Covid symptoms. If they do then the lesson will be postponed.
  • When the learner arrives at the car their temperature is taken with our contactless device, any elevated temperature signs would mean lesson would need to be rescheduled.
  • Hand sanitiser gel will be offered before entering the car. All our cars will be sanitised throughout covering all touch points (door handles, seat adjusters, steering wheel, handbrake, gear leaver, indicator stalks, windscreen wiper controls all mirrors, etc ) BEFORE AND AFTER each driving lesson.
  • Masks must be worn for the entire lesson except where anyone is medically exempt.
  • Windows can be kept open to allow constant fresh air flow throughout the car. Rain deflectors have been installed to stop rainwater coming in.
  • We are now accepting credit/debit card payments in car, Apple Pay, Android Pay using our contactless device. Bank transfer is an option too. Cash payments are still possible.